DirtGlueDry™ Powdered Polymer


DirtGlueDry Powdered Polymer: For use as a paver joint ad-mixture creating strength, and longevity when mixed into paver joint sand for patios, driveways, walkways.

DirtGlueDry™ Powdered Polymer is a powerful, high-tech dry polymer specifically engineered to be mixed with sand to eliminate washouts and erosion between pavers, bricks, patio blocks, and flagstones in walkways driveways, patios, etc. The added strength helps keeps the pavers in place and helps prevent weeds and all types of vegetation from growing in the joints. DirtGlueDry™ Powdered Polymer is non hazardous and will not adversely affect people, animals, aquatic life or plants.

DirtGlue Dry™ Powdered Polymer assures strong stable paver joints that resist erosion and movement at a cost that is much lower than typical paver joint sand.

DirtGlueDry™ Powdered Polymer is applied by mixing the dry product into dry sand which is then spread onto the application area and swept into the joints. Once washed in with water it dries to form a firm, stable, flexible joint that resist erosion. Product mixes very easily with sand. Once mixed with the sand the sand is easily applied spread over the area and swept into the joints and then wetted.
Most other polymer dust control products on the market rely on air drying to cure the polymer in mix-in applications.
DirtGlue Dry™ Powdered Polymer uses a proprietary powdered admixture, PolyCure™ that increases stability in the soil and enhances the already hydrophobic nature of DirtGlue® polymers in both their liquid and dry forms. This ensures each application keeps working long after other products fail.

Apply DirtGlueDry Powdered Polymer at a rate of 2% (by weight) with PolyCure ½% (by weight) or 2 ½% (by weight) when not using PolyCure.


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