PotHoleGlue™ has been specifically formulated as a multi component system producing a catalytic reaction to create a powerful, durable and easy to apply solution for a well known problem.


The PotHoleGlue™ system uses three components:

  1. PotHoleGlue™ (dry polymer & powdered catalyst - charcoal colored)
  2. RAP/Aggregate (3/8” or 1/2” minus Recycled Asphalt or similar aggregate / minimum 20% “fines”)
  3. Water [The RAP and/or aggregate, as well as the water, is sourced locally by the applicator]


Compared to the widely available petroleum based products, PotHoleGlue has some unique and beneficial characteristics:

  • Excellent bonding capabilities to fine particles, asphalt, aggregate, and other organic or inorganic substrates
  • Seals to the edge of the break
  • Superb curing characteristics at or above freezing temperatures
  • Remarkably simple application process
  • Exceptional chemical, thermal and ultraviolet light stability
  • Environmentally benign


Properly applied, the result is a durable, tough pothole repair that creates a strong bond between the applied aggregate and the surrounding asphalt. Considering all these characteristics, PotHoleGlue is a superb alternative to conventional, more harmful and less effective methods such as cold patch.


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