CompoMulch™ does not contain any paper as is common in many fiber or mulch products used in hydroseeding.

The CompoMulch™ formulation is 50% compost so it provides a better growing medium for the vegetation.

CompoMulch™ is easier to apply because of its unique consistency. CompoMulch™ helps hydroseed / hydromulch equipment resist nozzle clogging because of the compost, as well as the size and type of fiber which comprises our special blend.


Key points to overall better performance of CompoMulch:

  • Applies easier
  • Better nutrient availability due to the compost component
  • Better germination due to the higher nutrient availability
  • When used in conjunction with DGp it holds much better than conventional hydroseed/hydromulch applications
  • If done correctly may be so good as to allow you to offer “wash-out guarantees”


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