ARENAKLEEN® - Ian Millar Endorsed

When World Cup Champion and eight time Olympian Ian Millar tried our horse arena dust product, he knew ArenaKleen® was different! Ian competed on an ArenaKleen® treated surface at the prestigious Royal Horse Show in Toronto, Canada.



This stuff is amazing! When I was at the Royal I was watching some of the horses work out and I could see the dirt kick up from their hooves, but it instantly fell back to the ground! It didn't float around at all. Watching this I knew I had to have it at Millar Brooke, and within days of having ArenaKleen applied to my arena I could feel the difference as well as see it. Take-offs and landings not only felt more consistent, but the footing seemed to stay in place even with aggressive riding. There was much less material turned up against the boards, in the turns, and the material in the landing didn't get thrown around. In all I'd have to say that I am very pleased with the results of having ArenaKleen at Millar Brooke Farms.


ArenaKleen® is the only horse arena dust control product that eliminates the health hazards of dust as it improves the consistency, cushioning, traction and support or the arena footing material. With ArenaKleen® dust suppressant, horses, riders and trainers can work safely and comfortably in the arena, stables or anywhere dust is a problem.

Most horse arena dust control products just coat the dust particles. Arenakleen® works differently. ArenaKleen® is formulated to absorb into each individual soil particle. This means that soil particles remain in direct contact with each other insuring firm footing, excellent traction with no stickiness, thus no tracking.

By absorbing into and not surrounding the soil/or dust particle the individual particles remain in direct contact with each other keeping the soil surface firm, with good coefficient of friction (traction). The product is not alkaline, it is not acidic, it is non-corrosive, and non-hazardous. Watering is never required. Climate or humidity is not a factor. It does not wash away or dilute in rain events. Reapplications after the initial application are done at a much lower rate to renew highly effective, long lasting control.

ArenaKleen® - What Others Say

  • We built a new plastic dome arena 80 X 160 and floored it with sand from our own farm. We bought two tubs of Dirt Glue and applied it by hand with watering cans. Since then we have had many visitors - from all corners of the US - and we have happily demonstrated that even after three years our arena is not dusty!

    I thought you would like to know. I will watch your website and tell others to do the same. You can also refer prospective customers that we welcome visitors with a call ahead and will be happy to have them check out our sand.

    Mary Jean Vasiloff


    Mary Jean Vasiloff
    McCulloch Farm~Whippoorwill Morgans
    Old Lyme CT. 06371
    Since 1945

  • Icon Sporthorses recently made a significant capital investment in the health and care of its' horses: a top-to-bottom renovation of the indoor, outdoor, and hot-walker riding surfaces and base materials. Working with arena design/builder Brian McNeil of E=MC Equestrian Arenas of Florida, Icon Sporthorses set forth an ambitious set of goals:

    • Assessment of existing conditions: arena-base integrity/stability, footing conditions and appropriateness, dust control and moisture, maintenance practices and procedures. E=MC was retained to perform a comprehensive on-site review of conditions and prepared a detailed Scope of Work and Specifications, which served as Icon's roadmap for prioritizing the improvements' program.
    • After reviewing the report submitted by E=MC and soliciting boarder/rider
  • I just wanted to let you know what a great investment it was to use your product in our new 80X200ft indoor arena.  After spending all that money on a beautiful facility I was not going to skimp out on the footing...  Yes this product is expensive but my parents taught me long ago you get what you pay for and ArenaKleen works.  We applied it last October and it is still just like it was when it was applied.  NO DUST!!  Because this product does not need water to make it work, the side benefit is that we have no condensation in the arena even in our cold climate and it does not freeze.

    Susan Hall and Kevin Glenister

  • I absolutely love your product. I was hesitant to spend the money, but it is wonderful!! My students, horses and myself can see, breathe and ride.

    Dr. Kim Brennan

    Formello Farm Equestrian Center


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