About Us

Business Profile

DirtGlue Enterprises, LLC, founded in 2001, is engaged in the science of high technology soil stabilization.  The company develops and provides green soil stabilization solutions to a host of industries for both wind and water erosion control.  This technology eliminates health hazards associated with fugitive dust and noxious odors.   Road building and road repair products incorporate recycled materials as an integral component of this new technology.  Corporate headquarters is located in Amesbury, MA.  Manufacturing and distribution centers are located in Amesbury, MA; with several warehouse locations in the USA and Cochez, Panama.  The company has twenty five (25) sales and service locations worldwide.  

Innovative Qualities

  • All products are developed by DGE
  • Utilize recycled material in product formulations
  • Employ waste material in product formulations
  • Unique signature qualifies DirtGlue® as an IED defeat weapon
  • USMC aviation community reports product as best in class
  • Head to head field tests vs. competitors, batting 1.000
  • Product Packaging is recyclable
  • Packaging design facilitates transportation options
  • Uncomplicated application methods
  • Cost effective
  • Predictable and repeatable results
  • All products are environmentally friendly


  • Full compliance with EPA regulations
  • Full compliance with OSHA regulations
  • Product compliance/acceptance, ATEC
  • Natural resources conservation
  • Prevent pollution in wetlands
  • Eliminate total suspended solids in storm water run-off (NPDES)
  • Accelerates re-vegetation post forest fires
  • Dramatically reduce risk of health hazards (T42/C85 Clean Air Act)
  • Significant maintenance reductions to aircraft, machinery, solar panels and wind turbines
  • Operational efficiency improvements reported from military and industry sectors
  • Avoidance of EPA and OSHA non-compliance penalties including work stoppage
  • Attractive ROI versus alternative solutions
  • Manufacturer’s warranty accompanies all products
  • Technical support, 24x7


DirtGlue Enterprises, LLC


395 Main Street, Unit 7
Salem, NH 03079