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Road Building VS Paving


Just to ensure that everyone is on the same page and thinking alike before answering questions please consider the following:

Most people look at the pavement and think "ROAD" because that is what shows (that is what they see and feel). With this attitude the end result is that they end up relying too much on the pavement without considering the other more important aspects that should go into any paving project.

As has been discussed many times before a road is not pavement!  A road is a system of which the
pavement is the top part (much like the roof on a house is the top of a complete system of foundation, frame, walls, roof, etc that make up the whole).

In order to provide a pavement (which is what we are creating with DirtGlue Enterprises’ Polymer
Pavement System) that will have good functionality and good lifespan we need first to ensure good base and good drainage, thus we do NOT rely on the pavement for strength but rather for consolidation of the surface aggregate such that there is no mud in the wet season and no dust in the dry season.

If this surface to be paved requires better load bearing, this can be accomplished using Geosynthetics. The side benefit of the Geosynthetics is better drainage as well (we have many photos of GeoCell to share if it is deemed helpful/useful.

In conclusion we can rely on 2 - 3 inches of pavement (polymer, asphalt or concrete) to support nearly any load if the base and subgrade are stable and well drained. We cannot rely on 4 inches or more to support any load if the base and or subgrade are poorly stabilized or poorly drained.


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