• ArenaKleen®

    An exceptional product formulated to your equestrian needs, both indoors and outdoors.

  • DustLess®

    Used in long term high traffic areas.

  • DGE Polymer Pavement System™
    DGE Polymer Pavement System™

    Usually a two component system that allows for polymer pavement in place of asphalt.

Our Global Presence

It is our goal of providing the best quality products and services to our customers. We have formed a network of companies that provide DirtGlue services that range from residential and commercial applications to United States federal installations. and so much more!

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Road Building Solutions

Asphalt/Bitumen/Macadam use a binder of hot tar mixed into good quality aggregate to create a hardened driving surface known as pavement.  Polymer Pavement is the use of appropriate, high water resistance polymer and soil/aggregate to create a hardened driving surface. Our road building professionals will...

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Chris Rider and DirtGlue® are featured in the current March/April edition of Soil Erosion magazine regarding tackifiers. 

A Sticky Business

March 15, 2017 Soil Erosion & Hydroseeding

In high school, one of my friends got into a really big ‘crafting’ phase. Decorative plates, cute picture frames … if she saw it on a crafting website, it was on her work table that night. During this phase, she swore by Mod Podge, a glue-like substance. “It’ll stick anything to anything,” she announced proudly, as she lead a crafting party. I learned soon afterward that she was right, because I managed to glue my fingers together with it.

Tackifiers will probably not glue your fingers together, and I wouldn’t recommend using them for crafts, but they do work in nearly the same way as Mod Podge. They’re sticky substances used to get soil, dust or mulch to stick together, in order to prevent erosion and washout during construction or hydroseeding.

Since you’re reading Soil Erosion and Hydroseeding magazine, you’re likely familiar with tackifiers and the wide range of products you have available to you. You may swear by guar, or you might make your own mix of various types of tackifiers. Regardless of whether you’re new to the world of hydroseeding and soil stabilization or a seasoned veteran in the field, now is a good time to reconsider the tackifiers you use, since every job has different requirements.

Visit the following link to read the full article:   http://soilerosiononline.com/article-497-a-sticky-business.html


First Class Product and Support

For reliability, consistency, dependability, choose the products that others try to emulate, DirtGlue®.

Unlike our competitors, DirtGlue® develops our products using our own formulas and ingredients; not from residual products or secondary markets. Our products are consistent in their formulations and consistency and never require changes to adjust to residual formulas when purchased from secondary polymer markets--because we don't use them!



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