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Compressed Earth Brick

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CEB Compressed Earth Brick
Compressed Earth Block often referred to simply as CEB, is a type of manufactured construction material formed in a mechanical press that forms an appropriate mix of dirt, non-expansive clay, and an aggregate into a compressed block. Creating CEBs differs from rammed earth in that the latter uses a larger formwork into which earth is poured and tamped down, creating larger forms such as a whole wall or more at one time. CEB blocks are installed onto the wall by hand and a slurry made of a soupy version of the same dirt/clay mix, without aggregate, is spread or brushed very thinly between the blocks for bonding. There is no use of mortar in the traditional sense.
DirtGlue Enterprises can help you build superior quality CEB through revolutionary technology. We have improved and refined the CEB making process over the years in three critical areas:
1. Using a proprietary mix of DirtGlue ingredients, each Compressed Earth Block will have formidable strength as well as incredible adhesion to the blocks surrounding it.
2. Follow our simple and effective formula to prepare the Compressed Earth Blocks.
3. Use one of our specially designed high compression CEB making machines to take your results to a higher level, use less product mix, and achieve maximum compression.
DirtGlue Enterprises has redefined the CEB industry through proper application of solid, time-tested engineering principles. Don't make compromises. Contractors who use the best methods and tools also deliver the best results. Ensure your projects pass any test or inspection by using only DGE Certified CEB products and methods.

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